Graham and Boat & 4x4 Wash

Graham, Darwin N.T.

Graham and  Boat & 4x4 Wash: G'day I've been a recreational fisherman for the last 20 odd years and have used all types of boat and motor cleaning agents to maintain my boat and fishing gear. One of the biggest problems I have found in Darwin is that after a day on the water the salt build up harden’s like rock under the extreme temperatures in the Top End. I have not found a product that could dissolve the salt build up completely on application until I was introduced to the SX50 range of products by other fishermen 18 months ago.

After applying  Boat & 4x4 Wash to the outside of my boat and motor I could see the thick layer of salt disappear without damaging the paint work making it easier to clean the boat. I also use SX50 to flush my motor and have been very impressed with the results in keeping the internal parts motor in top condition. By using both of these products I have reduced my time spent cleaning the hull and reduced the cost of my outboard maintenance. After seeing first hand what SX50 can achieve, I now use this product on everything that is exposed to the Salt including my reels and rods and 4WD and around the home on my out door furniture.

Graham, Darwin NT