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Cleaning Fishing Gear

Hate cleaning your fishing gear: The solution is at hand.

Salt build-up is the mortal enemy of your salt-water fishing tackle. From reels to lures, if salt is not effectively removed, it will ultimately cause damage and either cost you money in repairs or worse still, loose the big one.

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 SX50 is a non-toxic, water-soluble compound that has the unique ability to protect your tackle by de-activating, dissolving and removing the salt build-up on your gear. When left to dry, SX50, a clear non-oily coating remains on the surface to protect your gear from further damage.

A light coating applied by a trigger spray is all that is required to keep your equipment in top condition. Should your tackle already show the signs of salt build-up an overnight soak in a 15:1 solution of SX50 and water will remove the undesired corrosion. When soaking your reel we suggest you tighten up your drag before soaking and when removed loosen the drag and allow plenty of time for your reel to dry.

SX50 is safe to use on hooks, lures, line and as the boys from the Straddie Classic Fishing Comp. said, it works a treat to stop salt build-up on your sunnies.

SX50 has many other applications, one of which is flushing your cooling systems on your outboard, but that is another story.

SX50 is available in ready to use trigger sprays 750ml or in a 1, 4 & 10lt Concentrate.

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