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Testimonials from our satisfied customers

"I consider Salt Off an insurance policy for the future protection of my fishing and lifestyle assets and besides I don’t want my motor dyeing 20 kilometers out to sea because of salt corrosion damage..." Read more.

Robert Dawson

"Out of this whole experience, I’ll now be using SaltOff as a regular maintenance agent. SX50 has provided a very effective solution to resolve what could have turned into a major engine problem to fix. Roll on the warmer sailing weather..." Read more.

Bruce Jenkins

"Firstly I am going to keep buying and using SX50, if you don't then it's your loss. SX50 was first offered to me as an engine flush for my 200hp Yamaha outboard by Westcoast Commercial Marine..." Read more.

Howard Lord, Fisherman

"I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you. I met Neil YEARS ago and he sold me a 10ltr and when I got home I thought BLOODY hell how will I use all this over the YEARS I did and EVERY boat and water craft I have EVER owned I have always used your product and told people about it. And you know what NOT ONCE EVER have I ever had a Mechanical malfunction NOT ONCE. I think if you invest in maintaining your machinery it will invest in you....."

Anthony Bug

"We have used your Boat & 4x4 Wash and SX50 on all 64 garage doors at one of our properties, and we were most impressed.  We are now setting up a service on Sydney's Northern Beaches offering building wash-downs using these products."

Rod Pyne, Building Manager

"G'day I've been a recreational fisherman for the last 20 odd years and have used all types of boat and motor cleaning agents to maintain my boat and fishing gear. One of the biggest problems I have found in Darwin is that after a day on the water the salt build up harden’s like rock under the extreme temperatures in the Top End. I have not found a product that could dissolve the salt build up completely on application until I was introduced to the SX50 range of products by other fishermen 18 months ago.

After applying  Boat & 4x4 Wash to the outside of my boat and motor I could see the thick layer of salt disappear without damaging the paint work making it easier to clean the boat. I also use SX50 to flush my motor and have been very impressed with the results in keeping the internal parts motor in top condition. By using both of these products I have reduced my time spent cleaning the hull and reduced the cost of my outboard maintenance. After seeing first hand what SX50 can achieve, I now use this product on everything that is exposed to the Salt including my reels and rods and 4WD and around the home on my out door furniture."

Graham, Darwin NT

"I am the Managing Director of Reel Easy Charters and have been using SX50,  Boat & 4x4 Wash on my vessels since the Tinny n Tackle Show in April.

I spray SX50 RTU on each rod and reel after every fishing charter. It's easy maintenance, saving me time and money. Being water based there is no problems with the lines, hooks or lures. It's the best product I have found to do the job.

All three products are now an essential part of my maintenance programme giving me great results with easy application."

Colin, Managing Director of Reel Easy Charters

"This product is bloody good. I operate a Sea Ray with duel BMW Diesels and have set up an automatic salt water cooling flush out system so when I come in I hook up the fresh water hose to the system and it flushes out the motors from a tank I have installed. It is just a matter of turning off the sea cocks and turning on the flush out cocks. The vessel is also stored on a dry air dock, so I have no contact with the salt water. Keep up the good products!"

Geoff Baxby

“Since I have introduced SX50 to members I am surprised with some of the uses, they range from coating aluminum windows at a beach shack to stop corrosion by dropping hooks and lures into a made up solution after a weekends fishing trip. I had to carry out some salvage work on a locals 4 WD bogged in the surf, all my tools (shifters, pliers and screwdrivers were submersed for a few days, I just soaked them in a SX50 solution for a few hours and they are as good as gold, better than the 4WD.”

Bret, President of Tyalgum Fishing Club

My local dive shop has used SX50 as a integral part of servicing my regulators for some years. Now I have my own supply of SX50 and Boat & 4x4 Wash!

When I come home from a diving trip, I soak my wetsuit, polypropylene suit, boots, hood and gloves in the bath overnight in  Boat & 4x4 Wash, then rise them in fresh water. My BCD gets a similar treatment. This maintenance program keeps all my gear in top condition. I now use  Boat & 4x4 Wash to wash my 4WD and you can really see the difference it makes after just one wash!"

Andrew Whitehead, Wellington Point QLD

“My 140hp outboard motor had bad salt crystalisation on the lower leg built up over 800hrs running and nothing I tried budged it. I thought that I'd just have to live with it but a mate told me about a product called SX50 he'd heard about and thought that I should give it a go. I spoke to Jen Harris from SX50 and she said that I should also flush my motor with SX50 as any build up in the water galleries would be removed. I applied SX50 directly on the outside of my outboard leg and it came up like it was new again. Also after flushing my motor with it a few times, the tell tail now is much stronger due to I think, SX50 cleaning things out in the water jackets. I'd recommend SX50 to anyone that wants to get optimum life out of their outboard.”

Craig Jensen, Nhulunby NT

"I took my Quintrex Hornet 435 to the Victoria River in the N.T. for a 12 day fishing trip. The conditions were extremely harsh in very dirty tidal water. My motor leg was white from the salt build up. With 40 deg heat, the salt dried on each day leaving a thicker coating on the motor, boat and trailer. On returning the lot was left in the shed for 2 months without washing.

The damage to the boat was so bad that I considered using a panel beater. I'd tried everything including car polish, but it wouldn't remove the build up around the weld joints.

I read an article in Club Marine magazine and decided to try the SX50 products. To see the boat now you'd swear I spent 3 days polishing it! The motor looks brand new, the galvanised trailer is great, I'm wrapped. SaltBuster is fantastic stuff. I used the Auto Mix unit to flush out the motor with SX50 and it made it so much easier. I wished I'd taken a before and after photo. I won't go anywhere without SX50 and Buster50 again. I can't praise it highly enough."

Scott Powyer, Wellington NSW

"I've tried SX50 in a variety of applications in my fishing and outboard motor world. These include painting concentrate on threadline reel bail rollers and game fishing roller runners which were jammed up with salt crystals to FREE them; and to remove unsightly salt crystals embedded into the exterior of outboard brands. I'm amazed at the results."

Warren Steptoe, Club Marine Fishing Correspondent

"I own a 1937 Coota with a 1934 inboard motor, which I flush out with Salt-X in a plastic tank. After pumping out the seawater, I turn on the SX50 mix until it comes through the exhaust, then I turn off the motor leaving the SX50 inside the engine. This only takes a few minutes and removes any salt from around my motor.

I’m pleased SX50 protects my motor from salt corrosion."

Mark Hillebrand, Metung VIC

"I use SX50 for flushing out my Jetski and Buster50 to wash down and clean my Jetski and trailer, both product are great and I’m very happy with the results."

David Moravszky, Douglas Park NSW

"I live on the waterfront and use SX50 to maintain my home. I spray it everywhere and quite happy with the product, I’m looking forward to using it on my new boat."

Phil Ainsworth, Bundaberg South QLD

"I spray my fishing reels with SX50 and they still look like new. I use it as a maintenance after every use."

Robert Harper, Sorrento VIC

"I recently purchased a 31’ Marina which needs a fair bit of work and cleaning. The B50 has cleaned up the boat well, so now I’m going to soak my old anchor chain in SX50 to clean it up too!"

Kevin Hill, Church Point NSW


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