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Cooling System Corrosion

Keep salt corrosion out of your cooling systems: SX50 it!

We all know that salt left unchecked in our cooling galleries will eventually wreak havoc.

The solution is to remove the salt build-up, but how? The Americans have had the solution since 1986! The new improved SX50 manufactured in Australia is even better!

SX50, a unique, non-toxic, environmentally safe compound that when pumped into the raw water cooling galleries of a marine engine will de-activate, dissolve and remove the salt build-up. This will reduce expensive repairs caused by corrosion; the engine will operate at the correct temperature, meaning less long-term wear.

To run SX50 through an outboard the most cost effective method is to use the SX50 Injector unit. Fit to your muffs or run through the back flush fitting on most new outboards. Adding the SX50 at the end of the flushing cycle will allow the solution to remain in the galleries to effectively remove salt build-up and prevent further corrosion.

The most attractive feature of SX50 is the cost. To flush outboards under 90hp the cost is as little as $1.20 per treatment, and for larger outboards about $2.20 per application. To get the best value from SX50 you only need flush periodically. Should you be running your boat for the weekend, flush on Sunday prior to putting your boat away. For commercial operators and people that use their boats more frequently, simply flush once a week to remove salt build-up and stop corrosion.

SX50 is very effective for heat exchange units. SX50 is that effective, it can be added to salt water to stop salt build-up and rust, just think about that for a minute.

SX50 will not re-act with rubber, gaskets or other non-metal components in your cooling system and being a non-petroleum product it is safe to use in marinas and on the water.

You are probably thinking that SX50 has huge applications around the marine environment and you would be right, but that is another story.

SX50 Concentrate is available in 1lt, 4lt and 10lt sizes.

 Cooling System Corrosion Mercury Cooling Galleries Cooling System Corrosion Mercury Gear Box 

The photos are of a Mercury outboard at the 300 hour service. Note there is no pitting or corrosion even where the paint has failed the alloy is still undamaged. The white speckling is sand grit. This engine was on Absolute Won™ our charter vessel which was sold in prime condition after 3 years work.

Cooling System Corrosion Absolute One 

"Absolute Won" with divers crossing Moreton Bay.

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