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How To Use: 4x4

4wd Maintenance
Salt removal under your 4wd

The Procedure: Give the under-body a quick hose or pressure spray with water to remove loose sand, dust and dirt. I have found a garden pressure spray unit with a 16:1 Boat & 4x4 Wash solution does the trick. Spray liberally all over the chassis, under-body, suspension, brakes, engine bay in fact wherever you can spray the solution get it in there. It is your choice whether you leave the  Boat & 4x4 Wash on or not so if you choose to wash it off let it stay on for at least a couple of minutes before you rinse. Choosing to leave it on means after the salt is removed there are three protectants in the formulation that will give temporary protection to the vehicle. That is it, yes, it is that easy.

 Salt Damage Salt Removal Salt Damage Control Salt Off 


Washing the exterior to remove salt

Whether you drive through the salt water or not, having a vehicle parked anywhere near the beach you are going to cop salt spray. You can use this product on all vehicle exposed to salt.

Use  Boat & 4x4 Wash as you would any car wash, mix in a bucket with water and using a sponge wash the 4x4 in the usual manner. It is an advantage to do this in the shade, however, if you have no shade remember to rinse off before the product dries and chamois to produce the best results.

Handy Tips 

To protect your wiper blades and windshield from the salt buildup when on the beach add some  Boat & 4x4 Wash to your windshield washer reservoir prior to a trip, you will find the salt comes straight off the windscreen and your blades don't suffer.

Pre spraying: Should you want maximum protection you can spray  Boat & 4x4 Wash in your engine bay and under the 4x4 prior to the trip to help protect the surfaces from salt attack. If you are away for a long period treating the vehicle on a weekly basis breaks the corrosion cycle to minimise the corrosive salt attack on your surfaces. All this will only take a few minutes.

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