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How To Use: Boat Trailer

Boat Trailer Maintenance

Launching and retrieving your boat coats your Boat Trailer in salt water each time, you then leave the trailer and vehicle parked at the boat ramp whilst you are out on the water. Your Boat Trailer sits at the ramp coated in salt water which dries to leave corrosive salt on the surfaces of your Boat Trailer. Hosing down the trailer when you get home will NOT remove the dried on salt effectively enough to halt the corrosion process.

Applying SX50 to your trailer WILL however remove the salt effectively and halt the corrosion process and coupled with the triple protectant in the formulation the surfaces are protected from corrosion once the salt is removed.

Application: We have found the most effective way to get around the Boat Trailer is to makeup a batch of SX50 at 35:1 in a 5 to 8 litre pressure pump spray unit. Apply the solution liberally to all surface paying particular attention to the wheel hubs and brakes. No need to rinse off the SX50, let dry and the trailer is now free of corrosive salt. 

Tip: It is a good idea to disconnected your trailer tail light plug from the vehicle before you launch and retrieve the vehicle to reduce any electrical reactions between the trailer and the salt water.

       Boat Trailer Salt Corrosion treatment on trailer


Coat all surfaces thoroughly with the SX50 solution 

Boat Trailer Salt Corrosion removal from winch
Spray SX50 liberally into Winch cable to remove salt


Baot Trailer Maintenance Trailer Image

Boat Trailer Maintenance Wheel Hub

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