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How To Use: Jetski

Jetski Maintenance

Jetski Exterior Washing

Jetski maintenance is much the same as a boat or car. To keep the exterior finish looking its best, mix up a bucket of Boat & 4x4 Wash to dry, rinse with fresh water and chamois of the excess water. The active ingredients will remove the salt and grime, protect any metal components and protect the wax and gel coat finishes. Boat & 4x4 Wash need only be mixed up at 32:1 for general washing of your Jetski, should you have a heavy build-up or for the first wash of an older Ski 16:1 is the recommended first application.

Jetski Trailer Care

Galvanized Jetski trailers suffer from the same salt attack and should be treated with SX50 after every use. A 35:1 batch in a trigger spray bottle, or pressure sprayer will give you enough solution to treat your trailer and keep the corrosive effects of salt at bay. Once you have flushed out  and treated the engines cooling system, washed the Jetski then treat the trailer, wheels and hubs with the SX50. You can use Boat & 4x4 Wash on the Trailer, however do not rinse it off in this case let it dry on to allow the protectants to remain on the surface.

Photo shows a venturi mixing unit being used to treat the Jetski trailer with SX50 solution

Jetski Engine Cooling System Flushing

Flushing SX50 solution through the raw water cooling system will remove the corrosive salt, leave a triple protectant system behind to protect your valuable Jetski and allow your motor to run at the correct temperature increasing engine life and reliability. Most Jetskis have a flush fitting built in making it very easy to connect our SX50 Injector in the garden hose then onto the engine flush connection. Simply follow the dosage and flush time guide on the back of the Injector card, run the water, add the SX50 to the bowl, connect and wait the required time, then shut the water and engine (if running) down and the process is complete.

Photo shows the injector connected into the hose then to the engine flush. SX50 can now remove all the harmful salt from the engine.

Wetsuits & LifeJackets

Salt is particularly harsh on these items. We have found from personal experience that giving your wetsuits and lifejackets a short soak in SX50 solution extends the life of this equipment dramatically. Most wetsuits are soft and supple when new and once exposed to salt they start to become stiff and board like. Use SX50 on your suits and lifejackets they stay supple and last at least twice as long as you would expect.  

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