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How To Use: Outboard Motor

 Outboard Flush Instructions Using the SX50 Injector

Use SX50 with confidence

SX50  is safe to use in your engines raw water cooling system and will not harm the environment. Laboratory and field tested SX50 is proven to remove harmful salt deposits effectively and leaves our exclusive metal protectors on the surface to coat your cooling system between uses. 

Cooling System:  During the normal operation of your engine salt deposits buildup. If these deposits are not removed the engines ability to run at the right temperature is affected and over time can damage your engine. This is caused by reduced water flow and ineffective heat exchange. SX50 will not harm impellers, gaskets or seals. 

Corrosion:  We all know how corrosive salt is and how quickly it can damage metal surfaces. Your engine cooling system is no different. Salt left in cooling galleries will eventually attack surfaces and corrode through the thin gallery walls causing major damage and repair costs. 


  1. Connect SX50 Injector into hose and cooling system as illustrated below.  

Water must flow in direction of the arrow. 

  1. Start water flow into motor, start engine and allow to reach running temperature. This will allow the  treatment to pass through the thermostats.  

Note: if using the flushing port consult your engine manual. 

  1. With motor/water running, remove dosage bowl and discard water. Add the recommended dosage of SX50 for your engine and reinstall bowl. 

  2. Water will enter the bowl and will start to fill. Use the dosage chart below for the time needed to deliver the SX50 into your cooling system. Once SX50 is delivered turn off engine & water immediately. 

Note: Do not flush any more water into the cooling system 



SALT-X SX50 is safe on all surfaces of your boat, trailer & marine equipment  

  SX50 Dosage Table

    Engine Size                 Dosage            Time

         0 - 50 hp                 25 ml                 20 sec

         50 - 100hp              50 ml                 30 sec

         100 - 200hp           75 ml                 40 sec

         200 - 400hp           100 ml               50 sec

Large Stern Drives        100 ml               50 sec 


Outboard Flushing Configurations

Double Flush Muffs:

Using Double Flush Muffs and our SX50 Mixer you can achieve good water and solution delivery. Customers have commented they have trouble getting a good seal and sufficient water delivery without ventilation with single entry muffs so the Double Entry Muffs will help overcome this issue and deliver the SX50 to where it is needed. 


Flush Port System: External Port

Many new Outboard Motors have a flush port system to allow you to flush your raw water cooling galleries without running the engine. The illustration shows the SX50 mixer in the hose line which will delivery the corrosion solution to the cooling galleries quickly and no noise from the engine to upset the neighbours.


Flush Port System: Under Cowling Attachment

If your new motor does not have an external flush port fitting, lift the cowl and you may find a flexible hose with a female coupling and plug tucked away down the side. Fit the SX50 inject line, connect the hose and run the corrosion control solution through your cooling system. Don't forget to fit the plug back into the flush line when you are finished.



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