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How To Use: Scuba Equipment

SCUBA Maintenance

SCUBA Maintenance: Regulator, Gauges, Alternate Air Source:

On returning from an ocean dive all you need do to remove all the corrosive salt from your Reg Set is to have a bath made up of SX50 and water, (a bucket with a lid allows you to use the solution several times) check that your dust cap is in place and submerge the whole unit in the SX50 solution for a minimum of 5 minutes. If you are doing this process for the first time an overnight soak will remove all the heavy build up stopping further damage from salt then you can return to the 5 minute treatments after a days diving.SCUBA Equipment

SERVO Assisted Second Stages: If you own servo assisted second stages (Oceanic Omega, Posiedon Jetstream etc) be sure to set the reg up on a cylinder and purge air through the second stage to remove any water that enters the system while soaking.

Bouyancy Control Devices: 

The two most neglected items of SCUBA equipment are the BCD Inflator mechanism and the tank valve. By not paying particular attention to the removal of corrosive salt from the inflator mechanism you risk having the inflator button jamb and experiencing an uncontrolled ascent to the surface during a dive. (Note: if this happens disconnect your regulators inflator hose from the inflator)

BCDs can be treated in the same way you rinse your regulator, remembering to pay particular attention to your inflator mechanism, and the dump valves. A small amount of SX50 solution can be poured into the bladder rinsed around and drained out to remove all salt buildup from the unit. Once this has been completed semi inflate the BCD and hang up to dry out of the sun.

Wetsuits, Dive Boots, Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Gloves, Knives etc:

SCUBA EquipmentThe same process can be used for all your equipment even your gear bag so your zippers stay free on salt buildup. if you make up a solution in a 72 litre nally bin with a lid you can easily fit all your equipment in for a soak.

Your wetsuits get salurated in salt water and experience has proved that the salt eventually hardens the neoprene and the suit eventually self destructs. If you give your suit a soak in SX50 you will fins that the neoprene stays supple and will give you a longer life.

NOTE: there is no need to rinse the SX50 off after soaking as there are exclusive protectants in the solution.

 SCUBA Servicing:Scuba Maintenance Regulator

SX50 is the perfect corrosion removal bath when servicing SCUBA equipment. Many equipment suppliers are recommending our SX50 as the preferred product. It can be used with ultrasonic cleaners or as an overnight bath, either method achieves acceptable results. Unlike Vinegar or Hydrochloric Acid which if left to long can cause damage, SX50 has been engineered to only target the corrosive salt. Ask your service technician what he uses and insist on the use of a safe corrosive removal solution or take your equipment to a service technician that does.

Nitrox cleaning: Buster50 with its SX50 and high grade detergent action if perfect for oxygen cleaning of regulators. All ingredients used in our products do not react with high concentrations of oxygen and when rinsed thoroughly with warm to hot water for a hydrocarbon free surface. 

SCUBA maintenance: Video, Camera HousingsSCUBA Service

Use SX50 in a bath that can completely submerge your camera/video housing. This will remove all the corrosive salt and salt buildup from your housing. Owning both still camera and video housings I have found that leaving the unit fully assembled and submerging the complete system gives your the best results. If you are away from home and want to clean the housing you can either rinse thoroughly with fresh water if available and soak your unit overnight in SX50 when you get home or you take a spray bottle of SX50 ready to use and a soft cloth soaked in the solution and stored in a watertight bag then spray the housing with product and using the cloth wipe over the unit and let dry. if you get some spotting don't worry as you have applying a triple metal protectant system to the housing.

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