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Howard Lord, Fisherman

Yea well, I don't go much with testimonials as they are usually written by some ones mate just to help out so I really don't know how to convince you that this one is a dinky die straight up no bull provable report.

Firstly I am going to keep buying and using SX50, if you don't then it's your loss.

SX50 was first offered to me as an engine flush for my 200hp Yamaha outboard by Westcoast Commercial Marine.

I have got to be honest and say that it took a while before I bothered to use it for that months. But I did end up using it on my fishing gear about 3 months after I first purchased it, and here is the reason I eventually tried it.

In October 08 I was preparing for a one month fishing trip to East Timor, (my friend has a charter boat up there) I was at the local Tackle shop (Carrington Tackle and Marine) speaking to the proprietor Barry Greaves when I was asked by a supplier of his if I would be willing to take some of his equipment with me to try out, this happened to be a rod and reel combination that I considered to be a bit on the fragile (pooncey) side. I took up the challenge provided I was not held liable for loss or damage.

He gave me a Gladiator Kor Game rod that pulls apart in to two pieces at the but end and a (would you believe) pink all aluminium banax immense 60 overhead fishing reel and 1,000yards of 100lb braid.

I can give a testimonial on that lot too; I can assure you because I tried unsuccessfully to destroy it trying to catch Russian subs covered in scales. (Pooncey looking stuff was stronger than me.) I also took my trusty Braid Buster rod and my Shimano Trinidad 50 reel. All up total value with line was well over $2000. What I did was not excusable; I used and abused all of this equipment for the whole 34 days that I was in Timor.

Not once did any of it get touched by fresh water, just salt water, sun, heat and humidity. Even when it was put away out of sight on occasion it was stuffed in to a damp shower recess on the boat.

As you might imagine I was full of remorse and regret when I returned to Perth and assessed the condition of my equipment. I was disappointed that the Gladiator rod and reel had returned in one piece because it proved me wrong (and I really hate that), however I consoled myself that my Shimano reel was cosmetically in much better shape, embarrassingly salty and grotty looking but at least I could see the screw heads in it, I sure couldn't see them clearly on the banax reel, it looked stuffed.

I was definitely keeping the Gladiator rod and happy to pay for it but I was left pondered about returning the reel, I have a continence and decided that I must at least make it presentable to return even if I could only say that it suffered a corrosion problem but other than that it was bullet proof, (which it was) so I decided to soak all this stuff in fresh water to try to soften the salt and corrosion up so that I could strip them down and make them presentable. 

While I was filling the good old white bucket with water I pondered about getting the old detergent out when I remembered that I had some of that SX50 stuff and deciding I had nothing to loose I splashed a bit in to the bucket, in went the reels and the comment of "what have I got to loose" was muttered.

18 odd hours later I stuck my hand in to the bucket, a rather gooey looking substance was floating just near the surface. My immediate thoughts were that the reels had been dissolved by this stuff and I really should have read the instructions not forgetting to mention the "oh no,what's it going to do to my hand?"  

Much to my immediate relief my groping hand found the reels, gingerly I pulled them out and simply put, I stared at them in disbelief, awed and  over the bloody moon happy. These two reels had come out of that solution looking as new (bar the scratches) and corrosion free, they even smelt new. I waited until they had dried off and they still looked new. Look people, I could seriously go on and on so I will just sum it up with what I have noticed over the last 3 months of experimenting and pushing the boundaries with it.

Howard Lord Fisherman Clamps Corrosion Free





I wash my ali boat with it. Stops the bare ali going white and makes the paint look good. I clean my fishing equipment with it and that includes lures, hooks, line and you name it. I wash the foam filled vinyl boat cushions in it, I flush my out board with it. I use it to free up corroded aluminium fittings, it even cleans up old brass swivels.

I do not rinse off any thing with fresh water after it cops a dose of SX50. No need.

I believe that it does not harm mono or braid fishing lines or any other material for that matter I even wash the salt off my prescription glasses.

I still have not read the instructions yet but I was told that it is environmentally friendly and supposedly harmless if swallowed......not sure about that one, but it really does make your hands nice and smooth if you have had them in and out of salt water all day.

Must ask the question here. Why don't they use a crop duster to spray the salt affected areas of the Australian rural districts? I recon it would fix it.

I use it, I wont stop using it and like the Honda add says "it simply works"Here are some before and afters of an Alvey winch mount. I soaked it in a really diluted mixture of SX50 for a few days. You can see by the dates the difference SX50 has made to the winch.

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