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Robert Dawson

I just wanted you to know that I didn’t realise just how good SX50 is, until I used up my first 1 litre bottle. I had followed the instructions each time when cleaning the boat, flushed the motor and rinsed the fishing reels along with all of our rods. No rust or corrosion ever appeared so that was that.

It was only when I had run out of SX50 and mistakenly thought, “no worries Bob, there’s no corrosion on anything so I don’t need to buy anymore SX50”. Very big mistake! Within seven days I saw the difference, on the previous Sunday I had cleaned up everything with no SX50 just water and soap.

Being a busy business man I didn’t have time to check the boat during the week but on the following Saturday, when I was preparing the boat and the fishing gear for last Sunday, low and behold I got the shock of my life, salt was on everything! The boat had patches of crusty salt everywhere, but the biggest shock was my prized reels, the salt had started to grow on the mono lines! I immediately rinsed the reels again and gave them a good wash but it came back again! I hadn’t seen this for so long and my immediate reaction was “I hope the motor is ok”. And went into panic mode.

Thank you for the new supply of SX50, I will be applying it to everything this Saturday to once again get rid of the salt build up and corrosion damage.
So for anyone who is a non believer and not using SX50, think about it this way. I’m a business who deals with income and expenses all day, I appreciate how much it costs to run and maintain equipment, I paid a lot of dollars to get my boat and good gear, I’m a hard core fisho but commonsense dictates that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure - as my old Grandfather would say. It cost just $59.00 for my 4 Lt concentrate but $300 for just one of my reels multiply that by 6, $20,000 for my boat and $12,000 for the motor, not to mention my Wilson Live Fiber Rods!.
I consider Salt-x an insurance policy for the future protection of my fishing and lifestyle assets and besides I don’t want my motor dyeing 20 kilometers out to sea because of salt corrosion damage.

If you are thinking of using SX50 but are unsure that it works call me, I’ll give you a heads up on what it’s costing you not to use it.

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